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NEWAY was created in 2015 to serve Syrian refugees living in Turkey and to spread Jesus Christ to them.

Now, we are spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to Muslims in the Middle East, including Muslim refugees in Turkey, through social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

In particular, we are witnessing the gospel through mobile (SNS) in areas where missionaries cannot enter due to various reasons such as danger, accessibility, and pandemics.


Right now, the world is going through a huge change due to the corona pandemic. The world is undergoing a very fast digital revolution in all fields.

Non-face-to-face rather than face-to-face, 'on-tact' beyond non-face-to-face is becoming more natural.


It is becoming increasingly difficult to share the gospel with the old approach. Now is the time to take a different approach to preaching the gospel.


The doors of Islam and Arab countries are increasingly being closed to missionaries. On the other hand, the spread of smartphones around the world is progressing rapidly.

We need to use smartphones strategically and aggressively. Only then can effective and efficient evangelism be achieved.

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