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NEWAY literally means a new way. Mission also contains the specific meaning that it must be approached through a new method, a new paradigm, and a new platform.

The gospel must also be witnessed through the right platform in the right way in accordance with the turbulent times.

The time when Paul was preaching the gospel centered on the Mediterranean world was when a powerful empire called Rome ruled the Mediterranean world.

So, the gospel could spread rapidly in the Mediterranean world, centering on the great roads laid by Rome and the synagogue, the center of the Jewish Diaspora community.

It was because he had to go to a synagogue where a lot of people gathered, so that he could reach many people and spread the gospel to more people.

Paul basically followed the guidance of the Holy Spirit when he set up his ministry, but he approached it very carefully and strategically. 

At that time, he carried out his ministry based on major cities such as Antioch, Ephesus, Corinth, and Rome, where trade was actively taking place and naturally a large number of people and capital were concentrated.

Likewise, in today's on-contact era, where social media is actively communicating, spreading the gospel through social media is a strategically effective method.

The high-speed internet network spread all over the world is the modern-day Roman road, and platforms such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are the modern-day diaspora Jewish synagogues.




After the death and resurrection of Jesus, God prepared the roads of the empire for the smooth expansion of the gospel and prepared the synagogue, the central axis of the Jewish community, in the metropolis through the Diaspora Jews.


In the 1st century AD, the five major cities of the Roman Empire were Alexandria, Rome, Corinth, Ephesus, and Antioch. These five major cities had the most trade. And these five cities have the most population and finances.

Paul strategically used four of these five cities as base cities, or platforms, for his ministry.

The Roman Empire built huge and vast Roman roads for the smooth movement of materials, troops, and information essential for the operation of a vast empire.

Using this Roman road, Paul was able to quickly witness the gospel to the large cities of the empire.


The saying “All roads lead to Rome” was true.


Modern society is rapidly changing to digital throughout society. Many people not only communicate through SNS through the medium of the Internet, but also handle all of their daily tasks such as shopping, studies, financial transactions, and corporate affairs.

In this situation, preaching the gospel through the Internet and SNS is no longer an option, but a necessity. To share the gospel with people, you need to meet people, and to meet people, you need to go online where there are many people.

Now, the high-speed internet network has become a channel for the gospel, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have become platforms to spread the gospel. Giving up on this SNS is like giving up on preaching the gospel. The same goes for overseas missions.

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